Hundreds of shops, cafes and organisations have already moved away from water in plastic bottles.

We want to transform the bottled water industry into a more transparent, responsible and environmentally-friendly one. Are you in?

Transforming an unsustainable industry is a big task. And we’re going to need as many extra hands as possible. 

If we want people to choose climate-friendly options, we need to make it easy to choose them. That’s why we use plant-based packaging that does all a plastic bottle can do — but is a lot kinder to the planet while doing it. 

Postevand gives your customers a kind and convenient alternative to water in plastic bottles when they’re on the go.

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A kinder alternative

Our recyclable packaging is made almost entirely from plant-based materials. We use Danish tap water to fill our cartons, internationally recognised as some of the best tap water in the world. The result: locally-sourced water in a carton that’s kinder to the planet.

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