A thoughtful alternative when you don't have a tap close by.

Postevand carton
Postevand carton

With packaging that starts with plants and ends with lower climate impact



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Our packaging has a smaller impact on the climate.

A Postevand carton is responsible for nearly half the climate impact of a virgin plastic bottle[1].

[1] The Postevand life cycle assessment screening has been done by Anthesis, the sustainability consultancy company holding the worlds largest group of sustainability experts.

Plant-based cap Cap based on pine tree oil, a leftover from the paper making process.

Plant-based carton Paper from FSC® certified, responsibly managed Nordic forests and other controlled sources.

Lining A thin, recyclable plastic lining that acts as barrier against the outside world.

We're proud to say our water is Danish tap water

Some assume that bottled water is superior water —
but the truth is most 'spring' or 'mineral' water is groundwater, just like ours.

We pledge 3% of our annual sales to local not-for-profit organisations that are working to fight the climate crisis.

Many companies have already chosen our plant-based packaging.

Many companies have already chosen our plant-based packaging.