Postevand is tap water

Postevand is named after the Danish word for tap water. This is no coincidence: we want to promote tap water as the best water to drink — preferably from our reusable bottle but when that’s not possible, from one of our plant-based cartons. Postevand is also about promoting water, as a common good, a fundamental part of the democratic infrastructure and something to protect.

Culturally there’s an assumption that bottled water is superior water, but the truth is that most ‘spring’ or ‘mineral’ water is simply the same as tap water. So whether you drink from a glass at home, a reusable water bottle or a Postevand carton, it is essentially all the same - local, refreshing, clean drinking water.

Where our water comes from

Our water is sourced from a public water treatment plant near Thise in Central Jutland, Denmark. 

We have chosen this location solely because it’s close to our production facilities. Realistically, wherever you are in Denmark, you’re within short distance to some of the world’s best drinking water. That’s because high quality groundwater can be extracted from almost everywhere in Denmark. The result: some of the best drinking water in the world.


We do not have our own production facilities because we want to freely choose the most sustainable packaging when we find it, and work with manufacturers and partners who share our values. Currently we’re partnered with Thise Mejeri who fill up our cartons with water following International Food Standards regulations together with associated third-party inspections and quality assessments.