A better bottle

Our reusable bottle is a collaboration with Swiss company SIGG. The bottle is made in Switzerland from one piece of high-quality recycled aluminium sourced in Europe. It is lightweight, durable and free from harmful chemicals including BPA and phthalates. It is made to stay with you for a lifetime and keep you hydrated when you are far away from the tap.

SIGG has been producing high-quality aluminium products since 1908. Since 1993, one of their lightweight and reusable aluminium bottles has been displayed at MoMA in New York.

100% recycled aluminium

In order to further reduce our CO2 footprint we have chosen bottles made with PCR aluminium that is 100% recycled and reusable.

PCR stands for Post Consumer Recycled. After a product has reached the end of its life, if properly disposed of, its material is recycled and used in the production of new goods. The PCR material used in the production of our bottles is reprocessed aluminium from Europe. Once produced and enjoyed for many years, the aluminium bottle body can be recycled again and again.


When paired with the Postevand app, you can have a full water bottle no matter how long you're away from home. Our app shows you where to find free tap water all around Denmark — including public water fountains, shops, restaurants, coffee shops, institutions and other spots that offer free refills for your drink bottle. 


Where is the water bottle made?

All our water bottles are manufactured in Switzerland.

How is the bottle made?

It all starts with a piece of recycled aluminium that’s the shape of an ice hockey puck. Every puck is extruded by a 600-ton piston stroke and then flows along the piston, transforming it into a cylinder. The cylinder gets shaped into a bottle with the help of up to 26 differently shaped modules, each one moving the metal further towards the final shape. Once the bottle has the iconic form that we all know, the next step is to coat the inside of the bottle with an Eco-Care Liner to avoid direct contact between the liquids and the aluminium. Once the shape and the inside of the bottle are ready, the bootle is painted on the outside using a screen-printing method. The lid is added and a manual quality check ensures that all bottles leaving the production line are in perfect condition.

Is aluminium safe?

SIGG bottles made of aluminium are totally safe. SIGG has been using a new inner liner since 2008, and all raw materials suppliers guarantee BPA-free components. SIGG always goes further when it comes to safety tests and we carry out not only the certified tests imposed by safety regulations, but also independent tests from third-party laboratories that help us to exceed stipulated safety levels.

Do SIGG bottles contain BPA?

All ingredients used for SIGG products are free of BPA. SIGG test all materials and parts of the bottles before they go to production and they carry out additional tests at third-party laboratories before the products go on the market. SIGG has been using a new inner liner since 2008 where all raw materials suppliers guaranteeing BPA-free components. These components are constantly tested by independent laboratories and only used in perfect quality. Please note that substances like BPA are prevalent in the environment (e.g. air, water etc.) and are in a very wide variety of consumer products found in households, including food and beverage product containers and most plastic products. As a result, it is literally impossible to certify that something is 100% BPA-free and to scientifically validate such a guarantee.

What is the liner?

The liner is the coating used on the inside of the aluminium bottle. At SIGG they use a polyester-based protective liner for all aluminium bottles (like the ones used in food and drink cans throughout the world). It prevents your drink from developing peculiar tastes or smells.