Danish tap water in fully recyclable plant-based packaging

Postevand Carton
Postevand Carton

Postevand Carton

100% Danish tap water and plant-based packaging. Danish tap water is recognised as some of the world's best drinking water. At least 96% of our carton originates as plants. The result: a packaging that starts with plants and ends with lower climate impact.

Available in two sizes

0.33L Cartons Box of 24: 150,00 kr 0 boxes
0.50L Cartons Box of 24: 162,00 kr 0 boxes

Delivery from 69,00 DKK.
The faster shipments need to be made, the less efficient they become, resulting in higher CO2 emissions. Therefore, instead of promising day-to-day delivery, we aim to deliver within 3 working days.

Packaging details

Kinder cartons
Our cartons are a recyclable, plant-based alternative to plastic bottles. We believe drinking water out of cartons instead of plastic bottles is better. If you keep reading, you’ll learn why.

Postevand has the most plant-based packaging in the water aisle — totalling 96,6% - 96,9% plant-based materials. This means the majority of our cartons start out as plants: trees for the paper and plant-based plastics for the cap. More plant-based materials means less packaging from extracted fossil fuels.

Certified good wood
Our carton is made with wood fibre that comes from sustainable Nordic forestry and other controlled sources. That means it’s FSC® certified and produced using the most stringent and credible standards available.

A smaller footprint
Our Life Cycle Assessment shows that the 0,5L Postevand carton significantly outperforms similarly sized plastic bottles in terms of its impact on greenhouse gas emissions. The carton’s flattened shape also enables more efficient transport and distribution.

Renewable and fully recyclable
Our packaging is naturally circular in two ways: it’s made from renewable, sustainably sourced materials — and it’s recyclable. That means it can be turned into new products once it's life as a Postevand carton is over.

Water information

Postevand means tap water in Danish. Because that’s what our water is. Culturally there tends to be an assumption that bottled water is superior water, but the truth is most Danish ‘spring’ or ‘mineral’ water is simply groundwater. Just like tap water.

The tap water we use comes from a public water treatment plant near Thise in Central Jutland, Denmark. We have chosen this location solely because it’s close to our production facilities. Realistically, wherever you are in Denmark, you’re within short distance to some of the world’s best drinking water.

pH: 7,4
Magnesium: 2,2 mg/L
Natrium: 26 mg/L
Calcium: 67 mg/L

Lifecycle study results: Proven better

A Postevand 500ml carton has 18% lower climate impact compared to a typical plastic bottle made from 100% recycled plastic. This includes all emissions associated with the production, transportation, use, and end of life of the product. Proof that a small change can make a big difference.

The life cycle assessment (LCA) of Postevand was conducted by Anthesis, the world's largest group of dedicated sustainability experts. The assessment report has undergone third-party review and was performed in compliance with ISO standards 14040 and 14044.

Carbon footprint of full life cycle

  • Postevand Carton

    77g CO2e

  • Plastic bottle (rPET)

    94g CO2e


Why is paper-based packaging better?

Our cartons is made of 96% - 97% plant-based materials, most of which are based on wood. And wood is a renewable natural resource — that pulls CO2 from the air instead of adding more.

Our cardboard is FSC®-certified, which ensures that the trees we use come from responsible managed, Nordic forests and other controlled sources.

What is the cap made of?

ISCC-certified plant-based plastics. They’re based on pine tree oil, a left over from the paper-making process. The cap can be recycled together with ordinary plastic.

What does the remaining packaging consist of?

Postevand cartons are composed of 70% paper, 27% plant-based plastic, 3% traditional plastic. The thin plastic lining acts as a barrier against smell and taste and ensures that the product can have a shelf life of 12 months.

Is the carton recyclable?

Cartons are recyclable. Our cartons are made mainly from paperboard, which is recyclable just like any other paper or card. The cap is based on pine tree oil, a leftover from the paper making process and the lining is made from EVOH plastic. Both the cap and lining are recyclable.

After being collected, cartons are sorted from other recyclables. After removing the cap and lining, the paper is mixed with water and broken down into a fibre. This is then dried, rolled out and made into new products. The cap and lining are also recyclable and can go on to become new plastic products.

Does the carton contain BPA?

Our carton is 100% BPA-free.

Can you refill the carton?

You can refill it a few times. But for hygiene and shelf-life reasons, it shouldn’t replace a reusable water bottle. If you’re looking for one of those, look here.